Truss Gantry Crane

Truss gantry crane in Weihua group is designed and manufactured according to the international standard. CD 1, MD 1 electric trolley and hoists can be equipped on this crane. And whether the cantilever is designed depends on the factory operating space. Furthermore, it is mainly used in factories, construction and installation site, lumber yard, warehouse, shipyard, freight yard, and many other places. Truss gantry crane has excellent design and structure, lightweight, awesome lifting weight etc. What is more, because of the stronger wind resistance than box type structure, it is extremely suitable for large sandstorm conditions, commonly for lifting and handling work.

Weihua truss gantry crane
Weihua truss gantry crane for sale

Truss Gantry Crane Specification of Weihua Group

  • Lifting capacity: 3~200 ton
  • Span length: 12~30 m
  • Working temperature: -20℃~40℃
  • Lifting height: 6~12 m
  • Trolley speed: 2~20 m
  • Working duty: A 3, A 4
  • Note: support customized service

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double girder truss gantry crane for sale
double girder truss gantry crane

Double Girder Truss Gantry Crane Parameter

  • Lifting Capacity: 5t~200t
  • Span Length: 18~35m
  • Lifting Height: 6~18m
  • Working Class: A5
  • Traveling Speed: 28~45m/min
  • Lifting Speed: 3.5~12.5m/min
  • Note: offer custom option

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Features & Advantages of Truss Gantry Crane

  • Intelligent safety protection device ensures the safety of operation
  • Perfect design, reasonable structure, and reliable performance
  • Strict production procedure control makes sure high-class quality products
  • No noise and no harm to humans in operation
  • Green products, and no hurt to the environment in production
  • Various types, colors and different electric hoists for you to choose
  • Easy installation, movement, and operation

Truss Gantry Crane for Sale

Weihua company dedicates to making the world easier since we have founded in 1988.  We have all kinds of truss gantry cranes for sale now, with factory price and top quality. Truss gantry crane is significant in modern industry. It can lift and move items in a very wide working area. Besides, it greatly improves the production efficiency of humans and reduces a large amount of money and energy for humans. We can say that the invention of gantry crane is a major advance in human production tools. Different gantry cranes for sale for you, such as rail mounted gantry cane and rubber-tired gantry crane with a single beam or double beam, one leg or two legs. All our products have passed international certificate. Therefore, we are very confident in our products. What is more, Weihua group is a production and marketing company, industry and trade integration, so we have the factory price and we can monitor products quality in real time.

favorable truss gantry crane
favorable truss gantry crane for sale

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Truss Gantry Crane Design

Truss gantry crane design is important for it. It mainly consists of legs, truss girder, lower cross beams, hoist and other components, structural parts connected by shafts, easy transport, and disassembly. The whole crane adopts double or single girder, trolleys part using the electric hoist, trolley across the top part of the beam, hoist lifts rope from both sides of the main beam, which can lift large items. All parts operated by ground control or in the driver`s cabin, and all are equipped with rain cover. Weihua was founded in 1988, we have very rich experience in truss gantry crane design, we can design and manufacture all sorts of gantry cranes. Furthermore, we dedicate to producing innovative products that will better cater to the changing needs of customers, in other words, we aim to research requirements of customers, to better serve customers with superior quality and reasonable price.

truss gantry crane with excellent design sales
truss gantry crane with excellent design

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Truss Gantry Crane VS Box Type Gantry Crane

Truss gantry crane and box type gantry crane have different structures. It is no good or bad for them. Different conditions need different gantry cranes. Therefore, it is essential for us to choose cranes carefully according to our actual situation. They have several similarities and differences. First of all, truss gantry crane has stronger wind-resistant performance than box type gantry crane. Next, they have the same operation methods, ground control or cabin control, ground control is cheaper, but cabin control is safer. Thirdly, both of them have various types, full gantry crane and semi gantry crane etc, with single girder or double girder. Weihua group, as a global gantry crane manufacturer, provides cranes with the best quality and favorable price.

Truss Gantry Crane Suppliers

Weihua is one of the greatest truss gantry crane suppliers around the world. We can supply electric hoists, double/single beam gantry cranes, bridge cranes, and such varieties of lifting equipment 10 series over 200 types. Our lifting capacity of the bridge crane can reach 1000 ton, and the gantry crane achieves 900 ton, making sure to meet various needs of customers. As an international gantry crane manufacturer, and a gantry crane supplier as well, Weihua crane machinery Co., Ltd is committed to offering complete optimized crane program solutions and excellent service to improve efficiency and save cost for customers. Gantry crane with truss is our hot product, besides, we have discount and surprise for you. Above all, we are reliable and trustworthy. Contact us and start your journey to success.

one factory of Weihua company
one factory of Weihua group

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Truss Gantry Crane Price

Truss gantry crane price is related to lots of factors, such as material cost, production and processing cost, transportation fee etc. It is affected by the international economic environment, so it is not stable. There are so many gantry crane suppliers worldwide both online and offline, and usually, different suppliers have different prices. So it is important to find a reliable company which has reasonable price and high quality of products. Weihua crane machinery was founded in 1988, and we definitely are a reliable and responsible company. Since we have established, we are committed to supply excellent products and services for customers all over the globe, to improve production efficiency and save cost for workers. We believe we are doing something meaningful. And we aim to make the world better, make the tomorrow of people more hopeful.

Weihua Group Truss Gantry Crane Sales and Service

  1. 24 hours online service, always solve problems for you
  2. Wide applications, various types, and good adaptability
  3. Simple structure, lightweight and strong wind-resistance performance
  4. Professional design and manufacture team, reliable quality
  5. The complete safety protection device, advanced technology, and equipment
  6. Perfect after-sale service system, professional technical team solves your problems timely
  7. Weihua will bear all the cost of your visit
  8. Absolutely quality assurance, we have obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificate

Weihua group specializes in the production of gantry crane more than several decades. We have won a wide reputation at home and abroad by our high quality, reasonable price, thoughtful and timely service. If you have any intention or problem of our truss gantry crane, please leave your message below or email to us, we are glad to give you professional and timely answers.

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