Port Gantry Crane

Port gantry crane is usually used to transport and lift containers, unloading and loading goods, move ships and lift or transport various types of materials. With suitable lifting capacity, fast loading speed and long service time, it can greatly improve the working efficiency and liberates the labor force. Usually, different manufacturers have different prices, so it is extremely important to choose a reliable gantry crane supplier.
We have very rich experience in the design, research, manufacture, and sale of cranes for over 30 years. Various port gantry cranes for sale can give you satisfaction. What is more, we support customized service to fit all your requirements. Looking forward to your message.


rail mounted gantry crane(rmg crane) used in ports for sale
rail mounted gantry crane(rmg crane) used in ports

Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Specification

  • Lifting Capacity: 30t~50t
  • Span Length: 18~35m
  • Lifting Height: 12.3~21m
  • Lifting Speed: 9.2~12.5m/min
  • Trolley Traveling Speed: 45~56m/min
  • Crane Traveling Speed: 42~50m/min
  • Working Class: A6-A8
  • Provide Custom Option

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rubber tyred gantry crane (rtg crane) for sale
rubber tyred gantry crane (rtg crane)

Rubber Tired Gantry Crane Specification

  • Lifting Capacity: 30t~50t
  • Span Length: 22~28m
  • Lifting Speed: 12~46m/min
  • Crane Speed: 45-90m/min
  • Operating Temperature: -20℃~40℃
  • Provide Custom Option

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Features of Port Gantry Crane

  1. Durable material, stable performance, long service time
  2. All kinds of types of port gantry crane to meet different needs of customers all over the globe
  3. Reasonable design, simple structure, reliable performance, easy to installation, maintenance, movement, and operation
  4. Low noise, less maintenance, save your cost and money
  5. Green manufacturing, no pollution to the environment during the production process
  6. The professional design team and research expert team makes sure the top quality of our cranes.
  7. Perfect safety protection system absolutely ensures the safety of operators
  8. Extremely high production efficiency, professional assembly line production workshop, integration of industry and trade, completely favorable price

Port Gantry Crane for Sale

We involve in the design, research, manufacture, and sale of all kinds of lifting equipment. What is more, we have won a warm reputation with our excellent products and intimate service. There are various port gantry cranes for sale, such as rubber-tired gantry crane and rail mounted gantry crane, they are the most commonly used port gantry cranes. They have many things in common apart from some differences. And our customized service can perfectly fit your actual condition.  Due to the assembly line production and advanced technology, we have great high production efficiency. Therefore, we have more competitive port gantry crane price compared to other suppliers. Contact us right now, and start your successful journey.

Different Types of Our Port Gantry Crane

To fit different working conditions and different requirements of customers, we offer port gantry cranes with different types and various configurations. According to the crane beam number, there are single beam gantry crane and double beam gantry crane. Generally speaking, double girder gantry crane used in occasions that need large loading capacity. Besides, gantry cranes with a double crane can use single or double trolleys to lift heavy loads. And the trolley can be equipped with different lifting tools to fit the different conditions.

According to the crane structure, it can be divided into truss gantry crane and box type gantry crane. Truss gantry crane is suitable for outdoor environment, and it has strong wind resistance.

According to the movement method, there is mainly rail mounted gantry crane and rubber-tired gantry crane. One is driven by rubber tired and other is move along the rail. According to the crane supporting leg number, it consists of the semi gantry crane and full gantry crane. Different cranes have different applications, and customers should choose a crane according to your actual situation.

container gantry crane manufacturer
container gantry crane

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Top Port Gantry Crane Manufacturers

As one of the excellent port gantry crane manufacturers, we have a proud history. Firstly, our products have been successfully exported to more than 90 countries and regions, such as the United States, Russia, the UK, South Africa, Australia, South Korea, and Peru etc. And we have built a long-term and stable relationship with lots of customers and countries. Next, all our cranes have obtained international certificates, like ISO9001, ISO14001and CE certification etc. Thirdly, we are a professional gantry crane manufacturer. Nowadays, our group involves in the research, design, manufacture, and sale of all sorts of lifting equipment. In short, there are various port gantry cranes available in our group. Furthermore, we have the ability to provide you excellent products.

Quality gantry crane with hig

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How Much Does a Port Gantry Crane Cost?

With advanced equipment, professional expert team and strict quality inspection system, we promise that the quality of cranes is definitely excellent. All our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the international standard, furthermore, all our products have been passed international certificate. So we are quite confident in our products. About the price, our port gantry crane price is absolutely competitive compared with other gantry crane suppliers. In other words, port gantry cranes have exceedingly high-cost performance. How much does a port gantry crane cost? This is a common question for buyers. People usually tend to purchase goods at a low price rather than a reasonable price. They find quality problems when they received the goods. Therefore, it is a waste of time and money of customers to repair or return goods. So it is quite important for customers to buy a port gantry crane with super high quality and reasonable price. Above all, the price of a port gantry crane is affordable and favorable for you.

Matters Needing Attention of Port Gantry Crane Operators

The port gantry crane is commonly driven by an operator who sits in a cabin. As an experienced gantry crane manufacturer, we always uphold the idea “safety first” to design and produce cranes. Up to now, our safety protection device system helps so many crane operators get rid of dangers. Our cranes make the world easier and safer. Therefore, we are very proud of our gantry cranes. In addition to our safety protection system, in order to operate the gantry crane safely, there are a lot of matters needing the attention of a port gantry crane operator. First of all, if the material weight is unknown, the crane must not move or lift it to avoid risks, because of the material weight perhaps heavier than the lifting capacity of the crane. Secondly, it is necessary for operators to learn the operation manual and be trained enough. This is important for operators. What is more, regular inspection of cranes is essential. Next, if some parts or accessories or the crane are can not work well or damaged, the crane should be maintained first and can not be operated until the fault repaired.

It is a big investment in a gantry crane especially in heavy duty cranes, so it is quite important to choose a reliable gantry crane supplier. Our company has very rich experience in the design & manufacture of cranes, advanced technology and professional expert team, our products have won a warm reputation around the world. At present, we are looking for the long term and win-win partner relationship.

If you are interested in our port gantry crane, please email to us or leave your message below kindly, we will be glad to answer you as quickly as possible.

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