Outdoor Gantry Crane

With perfect design, reliable performance, simple structure, and high wind-resistance performance, outdoor gantry crane has a wide range of applications, for example, it is widely used in port, shipyard, quay, construction site, railway & subway construction etc. The gantry cranes are a great innovation in modern industry, it can greatly improve the production efficiency and saves cost for you. According to the difference of working occasion, gantry crane can be divided into indoor gantry crane and outdoor gantry crane. There are all kinds of gantry cranes for sale, outdoor crane with single girder or double girder, box structure or truss structure, one leg or two legs. In addition, customized service can meet all your needs, we could design and manufacture cranes in accordance with your actual condition. With favorable outdoor gantry crane price and excellent quality, we believe that we can be your best choice.

outdoor single girder gantry crane for sale
outdoor single girder gantry crane

Outdoor Gantry Crane Specification

  • Lifting Capacity: 3~26 t
  • Span Length: 12~30 m
  • Lifting Height: 6~18 m
  • Working Class: A 3, A 4
  • Traveling Speed: 20~30 m/min
  • Lifting Speed: 3-8 m/min or 0.3/3-0.8/8 m/min
  • Note: support customized service

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outdoor double girder gantry crane sales
outdoor double girder gantry crane

Double Girder Gantry Crane Parameter

  • Lifting Capacity: 5t~200t
  • Span Length: 18~35m
  • Lifting Height: 6~18m
  • Working Class: A5
  • Traveling Speed: 28~45m/min
  • Lifting Speed: 3.5~12.5m/min
  • Note: support customized service

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outdoor truss gantry crane for sale
outdoor truss gantry crane

Truss Gantry Crane Specification

  • Lifting Capacity: 3~200 t
  • Span Length: 12~30m
  • Lifting Height: 6~18m
  • Working Class: A3, A4
  • Traveling Speed: 20~30m/min
  • Lifting Speed: 3-8m/min or 0.3/3-0.8/8m/min

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Features & Applications of Outdoor Gantry Crane

  • Full range of loading capacity, from 0.5 ton to 200 ton
  • Safety protection device make sure safe operation
  • Excellent design, simple structure, and reliable performance
  • Durable material, very high quality and long service time
  • Factory outlet, integration of industry and trade, favorable price
  • Famous brand, responsible company, and intimate service
  • Low noise, less maintenance and harmless to the environment in the production process
  • Widely used in port, quay, shipyard and other places

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Portable Outdoor Gantry Crane

Portable gantry crane is significant for modern industry. In the past, there are no gantry cranes, even no electricity. Whatever the project, people can work only by physical force. Therefore, a project often takes so many people a lot of time, some people even lost their lives in the project construction. This has changed since the invention of cranes. We can say that cranes have changed the way people produced and lived. It truly liberates the workers and the workforce, and it dramatically improves the production efficiency. Above all, cranes have promoted the development of the world. With quite rich experience in the design and manufacture of the outdoor crane, we provide various cranes for sale. Welcome to contact us and start your successful road.

small portable gantry crane for sale
small portable gantry crane

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Outdoor Gantry Crane for Sale

All sorts of outdoor gantry cranes are available, rail mounted gantry crane or rubber tired gantry crane with single beam or double beams, truss structure or box type structure. What is more, we support customized service to meet all the requirements of customers. We design and produce gantry crane according to your actual span length, lifting speed, lifting capacity and crane speed etc. Hence, our products can completely fit your needs. After over 30 years of development, cranes have been exported to more than 90 countries and regions, and we have won a great reputation at home and abroad. What is more, we use the advanced technology and equipment to improve the production efficiency, so that we have competitive gantry crane price. More information about  gantry crane for sale, please contact us and we will be glad to reply to you sooner.

semi gantry crane with double girder manufacturer
semi gantry crane with double girder

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The Comparison of Indoor Gantry Crane & Outdoor Gantry Crane

There are similarities and differences between indoor and outdoor gantry crane. On the one hand, indoor and outdoor cranes are very similar in the design and manufacture, such as structure, electric hoist, and crane car etc. Both have the perfect design, simple structure, reliable performance, of course, superior quality and favorable price are essential for them. Besides, all different gantry cranes can be used both indoors and outdoors, perhaps just the lifting capacity, span length, and size are different. On the other hand, they have some different aspects. The obvious one is that they have different using occasions. Furthermore, indoor gantry cranes relatively have smaller loading capacity due to the limited working area, while the outdoor crane is different, it is usually required bigger lifting capacity and longer span length. Finally, different gantry cranes have different applications, and we should choose the correct crane in accordance with our real situation.

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Outdoor Gantry Crane Suppliers

As one of the best gantry crane suppliers, our group offers various cranes for sale. We went from a small business to an international corporation, we met with many difficulties and setbacks, and also accumulated successful experience over these years. We believe our rich experience must help you get the most suitable crane. What is more, there is a thoughtful note for you, the gantry crane you chose should be suitable for your actual situation and is helpful for your business. For example, if you take charge of a workshop or warehouse, the indoor gantry crane is absolutely one that you should use. If you have an outdoor business, such as the shipbuilding yard, then an outdoor crane is your best choice. As a reliable gantry crane supplier, definitely high quality and favorable price of cranes are offered for you, welcome to contact us for the quotation.

Outdoor Gantry Crane Price

Outdoor gantry crane price is closely related to many factors, such as production and processing cost, transportation cost and international exchange rate etc. On the one hand, every factor can determine the gantry crane price. For example, the price is different for different transportation methods. There are usually three transportation ways, air, land and sea transport. Rail transport is relatively cheap, but it may spend more time. Air transport is fast, but it can take your money. Therefore, it is important to choose the suitable transportation method, not only save your time but also your money. On the other hand, different types of gantry crane have a different price. Besides, cranes with longer span length and heavier lifting capacity, the price is usually higher. Our group uses advanced technology and equipment to improve our production efficiency to save the cost for customers. So our crane price is completely favorable and competitive.

We provide all sorts of gantry cranes with very high quality, favorable price, and home service. Are you interested in our outdoor gantry crane? Please get in touch with us and get more info or quotation.

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