Operations Precautions and Requirements of Gantry Crane

Single and double girder gantry cranes are strictly prohibited to overload, cable-stayed and work when people stand under heavy objects. Adjust the stop block of upper and lower limit before lifting the object. Before using the single and double girder gantry crane, please confirm whether the brake condition is reliable.

Due to the influence of processing, assembly and adjustment of new machine parts, the friction surface is rough, the contact area of mating surface is small, and the pressure bearing condition of the surface is uneven. During the operation of the machine, the concave and convex parts of the surface of the parts are inlaid with each other for friction, and the metal scraps that are worn down are used as abrasives to continue to participate in friction, which accelerates the wear of the fitting surface of the parts. Therefore, during the running-in period, it is easy to cause the wear of parts (especially the mating surface), and the wear speed is fast. At this time, if overload operation, it may lead to damage, resulting in early failure.

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Operation Requirements of Gantry Crane

  1. Comply with the relevant provisions of general gantry crane GB5905-863 and GB / t14406-199.
  2. In general, the lifting capacity is less than 50t, the span is within 35m and there is no special use requirements,so the single girder crane type should be selected. If the heavy and long parts are often lifted or the width of the gate leg is required to be large and the working speed is high, the double girder gantry crane should be selected.


  1. The external dimension of the goods shall be able to pass through the outrigger plane steel frame smoothly;
  2. It can meet the stability requirements of gantry along the crane rail direction;
  3. Pay attention to makingthe track width B in proportion to the span S. generally, track width b = (1 / 4-1 / 6) s.

Span and Cantilever Length

The span of gantry crane is an important factor that affects its own quality. During selection, under the premise of meeting the service conditions of equipment and span series standards, the span shall be minimized to ensure its stability.

Crane Spacing Dimension

In order to facilitate the operation, a certain space size shall be reserved between the crane and the cargo and transportation vehicle passageway of the yard. When the general transport vehicle is loaded and unloaded within the span, it shall be kept at a distance of more than 0.7m from the door leg. When the goods pass through the door leg, there should be a spacing of more than 0.5m. When the spreader is not working, there should be a spacing of more than 0.5m between the spreader and the transport vehicle.

The requirements for the use and maintenance of the crane during the running in period can be summarized as: strengthening training, reducing load, paying attention to inspection and strengthening lubrication. As long as we pay attention to and carry out the maintenance of the crane during the running in period according to the requirements, we will reduce the occurrence of early failures, extend the service life, improve the working efficiency, and make the machine work reliably and efficiently to meet your expectations.

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