Boat Hoist for Sale

Boat hoist for sale is a type of gantry crane moving boat between water at different elevations. It is very powerful and efficient. Marine travel lift mainly consists of steel structure, hoisting mechanism, traveling wheel block, steering mechanism, electric control device, and hydraulic type transmission system, etc. As a professional gantry crane manufacturer, there are a great variety of boat hoists for sale from us. The lifting capacity of us is from 25 ton to 1200 ton. Apart from our strengths of top quality and factory price, we support customized service to fit all your special requirements.

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top marine travelift for sale

Hoist Crane for Boat Specifications

  • Rated lifting capacity: 25-1200t
  • Wheelbase: 6.5-20m
  • Span: 6.5-18m
  • Travelling speed : 0-20m/min, 0-40m/min
  • Lifting speed : 0-1m/min, 0-3m/min
  • Operation mode: cabin/remote control
  • Customized according to your requirements

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Advantages of Our Reliable Boat Hoist for Sale

As an experienced lifting machines provider for more than 30 years, we have accumulated a lot of valuable advantages compared with other marine hoist manufacturers.

  1. An intelligently safe protection system to avoid damage to the yacht and operators.
  2. A very compact and reasonable structure, it is easy to install, operate, maintain and transport.
  3. Durable material and excellent design make sure long service life of boat hoist.
  4. All our boat hoist for sale have been passed strict quality inspection. High quality.
  5. Less maintenance and low failure rate.
  6. Novelty style and a great variety of products.
  7. Advanced technology and professional engineers ensure quite good performance.
  8. Responsible service team, 24 hours online service and intimate service.

Portable Boat Hoist for Sale

Portable boat hoist for sale is a kind of light duty gantry crane, it has relatively light weight, small size, and simple structure, therefore, it is portable, movable and flexible. Besides, it is very easy to install, assemble, transport and maintain. Our 50-ton travel lift and 100-ton travel lift are both belong to the portable boat hoist. Apart from the advantages of portable boat hoist listed above, it is quite cost-effective. If you have a small boat or yacht, our portable boat hoist is suitable for you. If you are interested in it, you can email us or give us a call, we will send you a price list of our portable boat hoist.

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portable boat hoist for sale

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Electric Boat Hoist for Sale

Electric boat hoists are very commonly used in the port, shipyard, wharf or dock, etc. They are quite easy to lift or move your boat. With reasonable design and simple structure, they are easy to operate, install and transport. The main structure of our marine cranes is U-structure. We provide two different methods of operation, manual operation, and remote control. Electric boat hoist for sale of us has absolutely high quality and fast delivery time. Besides, our electric boat hoist price is competitive. We firmly believe our boat hoist can greatly enhance your productivity and save you much time and money.

standard electric marine hoist for boats for sale
standard electric marine hoist for boats

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Marine Travel Lift Parameters

Marine hoist 25t Marine hoist 50t Marine hoist 75t Marine hoist 100t Marine hoist 125t Marine hoist 150t
Rated lifting capacity 25t 50t 75t 100t 125t 150t
Inside clear width 6.08m 6.64m 7.15m 9.54m 9m 11m
wheelbase 6.5m 7m 7.5m 9.5m 11m 11m
Span 6.5m 8m 8.5m 10.5m 10.655m 12.65m
Overall height 7m 9.3m 9.3m 9.8m 10.77m 13.8m
Overall width 8m 9.46m 9.96m 12m 13.24m 15.6m
Minimum turning radius 9.8m 11m 11.7m 14.53m 16.5m 15.6m
Dead weight 25t 40t 50t 60t 75t 83.5t
Operation mode Remote control Remote control Remote control Remote control Remote control Remote control

Heavy Duty Marine Travel Lift Specifications

Marine hoist 200t Marine hoist 300t Marine hoist 400t Marine hoist 500t Marine hoist 600t
Rated lifting capacity 200t 300t 400t 500t 600t
Inside clear width 10.9m 11m 11.3m 11.9m 12.4m
wheelbase 11m 12m 14.65m 18.5m 18.88m
Span 12.65m 13.5m 13m 14m 15m
Overall height 11.8m 12.3m 13.3m 14.3m 16.5m
Overall width 14.4m 15.96m 14.84m 16.24m 17.77m
Minimum turning radius 18.2m 20m 24.2m 29.2m 32m
Dead weight 100t 150t 185t 260t 320t
Operation mode Remote control Remote control Remote control Remote control Remote control

Mobile Boat Hoist for Sale

Mobile boat hoist is commonly used for lifting or moving a boat, to make your work easier. Marine travel lift is equipped with a boat hoist wheel to make it mobile, flexible and convenient. Our boat hoists ensure durability, performance, safety, and expertise with every machine we deliver. What is more, we support customized service to actually meet your needs. The range of loading capacity of marine hoist crane is from 25 ton to 1200 ton. Above all, mobile boat hoist for sale of us has top quality and favorable price. Welcome to leave your message and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Small Boat Hoist for Sale

Small boat hoist is a type of small gantry crane. With compact structure and excellent design, small boat hoist for sale is lightweight, portable and movable. Besides, we use advanced technology and durable material, so our marine hoists have a long service life. Furthermore, we always stick to the philosophy of “quality first, customer first” serving our customers. And since we were founded, we have dedicated to reducing the cost of customers. Therefore, our products have been won a wide reputation for our clients. looking for a quality, safe and durable small hoist for boats? Email us today.

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If you are interested in our boat hoists or other products, please email us or leave your message below, we will tell you the details and let you know extra costs before you buy a boat hoist. Contact us and we will be very glad to reply to you as soon as possible.

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