60 Ton Travel Lift

60 ton travel lift is designed and manufactured to lift or transport boats easily and efficiently. It can be widely used in many places, such as a shipyard, port, dock, wharf, construction sites, and water sports meetings, etc. With the advanced control system, strong and soft slings, our travel lift can move yachts flexibly. Besides, we employ durable material, excellent design, and simple structure. Therefore, our marine travel lift has competitive strength on the market. Nowadays, our products have been successfully exported to Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Nigeria, and the United States, etc. Email us and enjoy the successful scenery together.

60 ton travel lift design
60-ton travel lift for sale

60 Ton Travel Lift for Sale Parameters

  • Wheelbase: 6.5-20m
  • Span: 6.5-18m
  • Travelling speed : 0-20m/min, 0-40m/min
  • Lifting speed : 0-1m/min, 0-3m/min
  • Operation mode: cabin/remote control
  • Customized according to your requirements

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  1. Full remote control option
  2. Adjustable sling positions
  3. Choices of steering options
  4. Fail-safe transmission and winching
  5. UV protected hoses
  6. Durable material, simple structure


  1. Excellent design, good performance, long service life
  2. Environmental package and full soundproof
  3. Strong production capacity
  4. Professional travel lift manufacturer, rich experience
  5. The perfect after-sale system, 8 service center around the world of our group
  6. Convenient transportation condition, fast delivery time
  7. A strict quality inspection system, high quality of our products
  8. Competitive and factory price


Light-duty Travel Lift Parameters

Marine hoist 25t Marine hoist 50t Marine hoist 75t Marine hoist 100t Marine hoist 125t Marine hoist 150t
Rated lifting capacity 25t 50t 75t 100t 125t 150t
Inside clear width 6.08m 6.64m 7.15m 9.54m 9m 11m
wheelbase 6.5m 7m 7.5m 9.5m 11m 11m
Span 6.5m 8m 8.5m 10.5m 10.655m 12.65m
Overall height 7m 9.3m 9.3m 9.8m 10.77m 13.8m
Overall width 8m 9.46m 9.96m 12m 13.24m 15.6m
Minimum turning radius 9.8m 11m 11.7m 14.53m 16.5m 15.6m
Dead weight 25t 40t 50t 60t 75t 83.5t
Operation mode Remote control Remote control Remote control Remote control Remote control Remote control

Heavy-duty Marine Travel Lift Specifications

Marine hoist 200t Marine hoist 300t Marine hoist 400t Marine hoist 500t Marine hoist 600t
Rated lifting capacity 200t 300t 400t 500t 600t
Inside clear width 10.9m 11m 11.3m 11.9m 12.4m
wheelbase 11m 12m 14.65m 18.5m 18.88m
Span 12.65m 13.5m 13m 14m 15m
Overall height 11.8m 12.3m 13.3m 14.3m 16.5m
Overall width 14.4m 15.96m 14.84m 16.24m 17.77m
Minimum turning radius 18.2m 20m 24.2m 29.2m 32m
Dead weight 100t 150t 185t 260t 320t
Operation mode Remote control Remote control Remote control Remote control Remote control

Note: support customized service

Attractive and Affordable 60 Ton Travel Lift for Sale

Boat travel lift for sale of us is very hot in the market. With full remote control system and adjustable sling position, we believe the 60-ton travel lift must be a piece of excellent hoisting equipment for your boats. Furthermore, as a marine hoist manufacturer with rich experience, we have the powerful capacity to provide customized service. Therefore, our boat travel lift can meet all your special requirements. Besides, all our products are designed and manufactured according to the international standard. They can perfectly fit the actual situation of your country. In addition, with advanced management system and technology, we provide an absolutely favorable and competitive price. Looking forward to cooperating with you.

quality 60 ton marine hoist for sale
quality 60-ton marine hoist

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Want to know the 60 ton travel lift price?

Boat travel lift is a light-duty boat hoist. It is highly convenient to move your boats or yachts from different bodies of water. As we all know, the travel lift price is depends on a number of factors, such as production capacity, transportation cost, and the material fee of manufacturers, and lifting capacity, span length, and crane speed of products. In terms of loading capacity, 60 ton travel lift is much cheaper than heavy-duty marine hoists, such as 100 ton travel lift and 200 ton marine travel lift, etc. So to say, the travel lift cost is quite reasonable and affordable. Wanna know more information about 60 ton travel lift price? Email us for a free price lift.

60 ton travel lift design
60-ton travel lift design

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Difficult to find a reliable 60 ton travel lift supplier?

Although there are so many 60 ton travel lift suppliers on the market, it is difficult to find a reliable one. Isn`t it? So there are some practical tips for you to find an excellent travel lift supplier. Firstly, the quality of products of a top boat hoist manufacturer must are prominent. And the high quality of products can be tested by time. Secondly, the 60 ton travel lift price of it is reasonable and favorable. Next, pay attention to their service. The service of a reliable supplier must intimate and uphold the philosophy of “customers first”. So few suppliers can meet all the criteria, and we are one of them. Welcome to email us for reliable marine hoists.

How to contact us for stable and long-term cooperation?

As an international travel lift supplier, we design and produce safe, reliable and favorable travel lift for all customers. Our boat hoists are easy to operate and help you to move your boats efficiently. If you are looking for such 60-ton travel lift, welcome to contact us via email or phone for more information about it.

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